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Threaded Calendar

Project Details

Threaded Calendar:

Threaded Calendar is a web application built with Django RestFramework, featuring a user-friendly interface for managing events, meetings, and day planning. Utilizing an SQLite database, the application employs API calls for CRUD functionality and ensures secure user authentication. The front end is crafted using Bootstrap and JavaScript.

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Key Features

Calendar functionality for events and meetings
User authentication for secure access
API calls for CRUD functionality
Front-end implementation with Bootstrap and JavaScript

Threaded Calendar

Tech Stack and Configurations

Git Repo


JavaScript HTML CSS Bootstap


Python Django MySQL Docker

Project set up

This project is set up across two servers: one is a shared hosting server hosting the frontend application, and the other is dedicated to housing the backend, including event data and calendar data within the Django project. The frontend communicates with the backend through API calls, and Django RestFramework manages the CRUD functionality from the frontend, in addition to generating the dates.

Application Configeration overview

The project follows a straightforward setup illustrated in a simple diagram. The first server is dedicated to serving static content, including the frontend application. Subsequently, an API call is initiated from the frontend on the first server, reaching out to the second server. The second server, hosting the Django project, manages the generation and retrieval of dynamic data, specifically event and calendar data. This architecture ensures a clear separation of responsibilities, with the first server handling static content delivery and the second server managing the dynamic aspects of the application